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Why are people “going bananas” over GORILLA GRASS™?

Because at 145 ounces per square yard, GORILLA GRASS™ is the HEAVIEST, MOST DENSE, MOST RESILIENT, MOST PLUSH, and is the TOUGHEST synthetic grass you'll find anywhere! To make it sweeter, we will beat anyone's price, so you can have your banana cake and eat it too! Think we're bananas? Please read this article from South County Magazine to see why we're the “big gorilla.”

We are one of the oldest and most experienced synthetic turf dealers in Southern California.

We represent, sell, and design the absolutely finest premier synthetic products in the world - Mirage Waterless Grass, and Mirage Putting Greens - both begun by our visionary founder, Dale G. Potts! Being recognized internationally as the world's expert, or “Godfather,” of this industry Dale Potts has been responsible for and developed every major technical innovative that has taken place in the entire turf business!

Because of his “genius” talents, we are proud to report that Dale has appeared twice as a guest on Jay Leno's Tonight Show!

We are the only truly international synthetic lawn grass and putting green company - continuously installing our Mirage products in 34 countries on 5 continents!

Our GORILLA GRASS™ weighs up to 145 ounces per square yard — approximately TWICE the industry average.

No other synthetic grass is as heavy, as dense, as plush, as realistic, or as resilient as ours! Even our competitors constantly admit that they have seen nothing quite like this - AND our prices are the same or less than the other guys! Due to the weight and plushness of Waterless Grass, our expert installation will make the seams invisible, or virtually invisible!

Our fibers are strong, smooth, soft, and forgiving.

The one thing that makes our GORILLA GRASS™ turf the most realistic synthetic lawn grass on the market is its unique multi-fiber design. The fibers simulate “real” grass blades that are found in Kentucky Blue Grass, St. Augustine, and Fescue turf. Our grass looks so real, that the only way you can tell that it is synthetic - is because it is too perfect - green year round, and perfectly mowed. In addition our premium lawns are so dense, and so heavy (heaviest in the industry), that they require very little infill.

Our experience, expertise, professionalism, and innovation is uniquely extensive!

We have designed and installed major projects, such as 4,000 to 5,000 square foot installatoins on active lifestyle roof tops on 15-story buildings in downtown Los Angeles (the only company ever to accomplish this in L.A.) Also, in downtown Manhattan Beach, in conjunction with a famous Beverly Hills architectural firm, we installed 750 square feet of synthetic grass - vertically on two exterior walls of a new restaurant - something that had never been accomplished anywhere in the United States!

In each of those innovative projects, we were chosen for two reasons: 1) our GORILLA GRASS™ was the heaviest, most dense, most plush, and most realistic; and 2) it was well recognized that our company, GORILLA GRASS™ & Putting Greens - had the innovative knowledge, creativity, and experience - to complete each project in a timely and professional manner.

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